BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
19.03Merge remote-tracking branch 'ni/master' into 19.03lassulus4 years
19.09Merge remote-tracking branch 'enklave/master' into 19.09lassulus4 years
20.03Merge remote-tracking branch 'enklave/master' into 20.03lassulus3 years
20.09Merge remote-tracking branch 'gum/20.09' into 20.09lassulus3 years
21.05l: xonsh2 initlassulus2 years
21.11disable includeAllModules again (builds take too long)lassulus22 months
22.05l radio weather_for_ips: use better englishlassulus16 months
22.11Merge remote-tracking branch 'ni/master' into 22.11lassulus10 months
23.05kartei jan: use correct lib for geniplassulus3 months
browsl browsers: use firefox directly, RIP xjailslassulus7 months
cikrops: get current secretslassulus4 years
ci-notracekrops: build notrace branchlassulus16 months
flakeifyconfigs: reference stockholm by relative pathlassulus4 months
hass-fixhome-assistant: import from unstablelassulus3 years
ircirc-announce: add _ to nick, for filteringlassulus4 years
kartei-splitkartei lass: split into hostFileslassulus9 months
krops-testDEBUG: krops use derivation branchlassulus5 years
makefu-testMerge remote-tracking branch 'gum/master' into makefu-testlassulus4 years
masterkartei Ra33it0: init sporeRa33it03 days
mbmb: add p1nk.rlassulus4 years
mb-ripdelete mblassulus4 years
nixpkgsnixpkgs-unstable: 471869c -> 7827d3flassulus4 years
reaktorreaktor2 task: use single hook for more efficencylassulus5 years
rip-corestypes host: remove coreslassulus9 months
riplasslass: migrate awaylassulus3 weeks
solanumWIP solanumlassulus2 years
sync-containerssync-containers3: lass -> krebslassulus8 months
testl: init coaxmetal.rlassulus3 years
testingl green.r: add weechat auto modelassulus10 months
tinc-reloadWIP tinc module: reload instead of restartlassulus21 months
tsetl: use genid_uint31 where neededlassulus5 years